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atory cert●ificate to Hu◆awei, sayi●ng that Hu○awei's 5G New Radio○ products h■ad passed its■ verificati〓on requirements fol■lowing multiple r●ounds of test●ing and evaluatio●n.It made Huawe●i the first co〓mpany to receive a◆ CE ty

pe examinati●on certificate■ for its 5G products○, paving the way for■ its commercial use ◆and sale within ●the EU.Hoffman○n said tha〓t the whole proces○s took around t●wo months, includ■ing testing and c○ertification."Huaw○ei Technology i

s ○a leading gl○obal ICT (Informa●tion and Communicat●ion Technology) ■solution provid■er," Hoffmann said■.TUV SUD will conti●nue to play its r●ole as a prof■essional testing, ■inspection and ○certification〓 company, to work w●ith Huawei to ensu●re the safety and〓 reliabilit◆y of the technical r●equirements in the ●ICT field, t

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il 17 (Xinhua○ ) -- Chine●se information 〓and communications ■technology sol●utions pro●vider Huawei has ■obtained the wor●ld's first CE ○type examination c■ertificate■ (TEC) for 5◆G products.The cer◆tification in■dicates that■ Huawei's 5■G products h○ave won of●ficial approva◆l for commerci●a

l use in Europe. It○ also "repres●ents a significan●t step towa●rds realizing large-〓scale commerci○al 5G deplo◆yment," the co●mpany

said i○n a statement.CE mar■king is compulsor●y for products i●mported to a○nd sold withi○n the Euro●pean Economic A●rea. It is○ regarded as a s●tamp of approva●l for enter○ing the European mar〓ket.Huawei started r●esearch on■ 5G products in 2◆009, and has inve◆sted

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